Irrigation and Melioration


The article developed a mathematical model of the processes of siltation of reservoirs, taking into account the energy state of the flow, and proposed a calculation method. In the process of siltation of the reservoir, the dependence of the volume on the change in the water level in the reservoir was estimated. On the basis of studies carried out in full-scale field conditions, the recommended calculation method is comparatively evaluated and analyzed. Field studies were carried out in the Chimkurgan, Tashkent and Yuzhno-Surkhan reservoirs. A relationship is obtained that expresses the dependence of the relative volume of siltation of the reservoir on its relative depth (the correlation coefficient is 0.96), as a result of the analysis of the collected information based on mathematical statistical methods. Based on the analysis of the above studies, it was noted that the siltation of the reservoir is 2-3 times more than the design parameters. Measurements during operation showed that the siltation in the South-Surkhan reservoir is 1.3 times more, in the Tashkent reservoir it is 2 times more, in the Chimkurgan reservoir it is 3 times more than in the design one. One of the main reasons for the increased loading of sediments in reservoirs, neither in the project, as well as in the process of operation, does not provide for measures against siltation of reservoirs. The proposed method for calculating the siltation of reservoirs makes it possible to assess the change in its volume, which can be used in the development of measures to clean up the reservoir from siltation.

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