Irrigation and Melioration

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Currently, in Uzbekistan, of 4.3 million hectares of irrigated land, 2.3 million hectares are provided with water supplied by pumping stations that are on the balance of the Ministry of water management of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In total, 1693 pumping stations with 5301 pumping units are operated, and the number of pumping stations ' personnel is about 16,000 people. The total capacity of these pumping stations is about 7000 m3/s. the Total annual energy consumption of these pumping stations is about 8.0 billion kW·h or about 12.5% of the annual electricity generation of the entire energy sector of Uzbekistan. If we additionally take into account the pumping stations that are on the balance of farms and dekhkan farms, the energy consumption figures become even more significant. Currently, the monitoring and accounting of electricity at all pumping stations is carried out manually, on the basis of which 17 different types of documentation are filled in. This work requires a large amount of time and human resources. Within the framework of this study, the processes of accounting for electricity consumption at several pumping stations were studied. Based on the analysis of the organizational structure, management records of the power consumption and collecting information about energy consumption of the developed automated system of control and accounting of electricity pumping stations. Economic efficiency from automation: reduction of power consumption by pumping stations, elimination of unauthorized switching on of pumping units, theft or inefficient power consumption, as well as reduction of labor costs. The payback period for the introduction of an automated system for monitoring and accounting for electric power at pumping stations is 4 months.