Irrigation and Melioration


The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies on the creation of primary sprayers for sprayers. The flow diagrams of the atomizers that were produced on the territory of the former Soviet Union are given. Currently, various types of spray guns are manufactured in America, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria and other countries. Based on the set requirements for sprayers, to ensure fluid flow and spraying when deployed 90-110 degrees on a plane, a slotted sprayer is selected - manufacturer Lechler of the brand ST-110-05 Germany, for installation on a universal mounted sprayer. The results of fluid flow by a spray depending on pressure and the relationship between them are presented, presented in a graph. The results of the study show that with an increase in pressure in the system at P = 0.4 MPa, the flow rate of the spray liquid increases by q=2.25 l/min, and also, with chemical treatment per hectare of garden with a norm of 400 l/ha, it is determined that the set number of spray guns to the sprayer is 20 pieces.

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