Irrigation and Melioration


The article discusses the methodology for calculating the intercepting drainage well that reveals the upper layer of the multilayer horizon, and presents analytical dependencies based on the hydrodynamic theory and formulas for approximate calculation of the location of the axial line of the blocking drainage between the source of flooding and the protected built-up area from flooding. In particular, mathematical methods have been improved to solve the forecast problems of flooding in conditions of different pressure, based on the relationship between the depressions and the incoming flow of pressure water into the drainage well. The presence of underground pressure water very often in practice reduces the effectiveness of drainage structures, therefore, the drainage performance is high and the lowering ability of the groundwater level is low. The problem is solved using the Dupuis equation in the presence of additional power to the drained horizon from pressure water and in the conditions of the drainage, where the stationary nature of the filtration is established.

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