Irrigation and Melioration


A separate model and model were developed for compiling cadastral maps used by the authors for agricultural organizations. The model is intended for enterprises operating in the Tashkent region. The article is based on the scientific and methodological order and the system of destruction of irrigated lands. Based on the experience of leading foreign countries in this area, the possibilities of introducing modern electronic computers in Uzbekistan are presented. The procedure for converting data into a specific algorithm is recommended for the formation of a system of land cadastral data in agricultural entities. It is necessary to create an information system for the land cadastral information system with a number of functional and service subsystems. The number of indicators is presented in the context of information on the land cadastre, based on case studies of researchers. The article describes the need to use survey data on irrigated lands and how to compile information on the land cadastre. In view of the foregoing, the article discusses the importance and necessity of creating a land cadastre database for agricultural enterprises.

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