Irrigation and Melioration

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Scientific research has been carried out on the development of irrigation norms in the conditions of meadow serozems with weak and medium groundwater mineralization at a depth of 1.8 meters at the central experimental stations of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education located in the Urta-Chirchik District of the Tashkent Region. In this experiment, a drip irrigation system was used with a dropper consumption of 2 liters / hour, and 30–40 liters of water was used for moistening the 50 cm soil layer, in the second and third years, 80–120 liters of water was used to moisten 1 m of soil layer. According to which it was established the number of irrigation and the annual rate of irrigation water. Based on the choice of resource-saving irrigation technologies and appointments, timing and irrigation norms for biological plant requirements for irrigation of orchards and vineyards in irrigated zones of Uzbekistan, the efficiency of irrigation water use will increase by 15–18%, labor and other expenses will decrease to 40%. In this regard, the cultivation of quality fruits and grapes is achieved.

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