Irrigation and Melioration

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The article provides an analysis of various ways to optimize the operating modes of machine-tractor units, studied the work of other authors on the effective use of machine-tractor units equipped with powerful engines, on the use of intelligent on-board computers. The factors contributing to the increase in the efficiency of use of agricultural units are also given. It is theoretically justified that the coefficient A, which takes into account the working and idle speeds of the unit, depends on the operator’s qualification, equating the idle speed to the worker’s speed provides a high degree of efficiency, the increase in the working strokes depends on the coefficient, taking into account the width and length of the field, the decrease of this coefficient (B≤1 ) contributes to increased operational efficiency. In small areas, as compared with large ones, the operational size and efficiency of the unit increases, the idling length depends on the kinematic length and turning radius, and the operation of units composed of combinational and trailed agricultural machines reduces the efficiency of their use. The unit composed of mounted, highly mobile agricultural machines increases the efficiency of their use. Recommendations are given for solving the issues of increasing the efficiency of use of agricultural units equipped with modern agricultural machines on the need to substantiate the optimal size of fields for the effective functioning of agricultural units. The conclusions and proposals for improving operational efficiency, as well as factors affecting the operational efficiency of an agricultural unit, such as the size of areas and modes of operation of the units, are presented.

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