Irrigation and Melioration


The outcomes of the scientific research on the growing tomato in special greenhouses bu hydroponics system design in the natural conditions of Uzbekistan were given and resulted. On a test site the following materials for hydroponics were studied: coconut (test), gravel, perlite wool, mineral granule, vermiculite, sawdust and manure. In his case usage of wader make up 360-558 meters cube in 1 ti in average months. Total usage of wader make up 3282-4205 meters cube in 1ti in all year. The number of irrigation make up is 4-6 times in a day The obtained scientific results shoo that of the above mentioned options the highest yield of tomato in the average of 18 kg/m2 resulted in perlite wool and sawdust+manure materials.

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1. Ўзбекистон Республикаси Президентининг 2011 йил ПҚ-1647 сонли Жанубий Корея Респуб- ликаси грант маблағларини жалб этган ҳолда, “Ўзбекистонда намунавий иссиқхоналар барпо этиш” лойиҳасини амалга ошириш чора-тадбирлари тўғрисида”ги қарори. 2. В.И.Зуев., А.А.Атаходжаев., Ш.И.Асатов., А.К.Кадирходжаев Ҳимояланган жой сабзавотчилиги. Тошкент-2014 й.468 б. 3. Азимов Б., Ҳакимов Р Сабзавоткорнинг қишда қандай юмиши бор.//Ўзбекистон қишлоқ хўжали- ги журнали № 1 2012. 9 б.



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