Irrigation and Melioration


The article shows the effectiveness of biological treatment of municipal wastewater using algae in laboratory conditions and poluproizvodstvennyh Salar treatment plant in Tashkent. The strain Chlorella vulgarius UA-1-6 proved to be resilient to these wastewater among several strains of algae. Defined in full digestion 1/5 of various substances in waste water, high yield, good algae in their development wastewater dilution twice for growing algae in wastewater with different concentrations. The cleaning efficiency poluproizvodstvennyh conditions of cultivation of algae in the wastewater is 90%, ie observed reduction of biochemical oxygen demand, which is to 275 mg / L to 27 mg / l. Given the foregoing, this technology can be recommended for the treatment of municipal - domestic waste water.

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