Irrigation and Melioration


Abstract The paper indicates results of irrigation technology along parts of furrow and its impact on yield of upland and fine stapled cotton varieties by growing as a main crop and in stubble. In research on the condition of takyr soils with mechanical composition of light, medium and coarse, it was investigated that irrigating with the rate of 0.45-0.55 l s-1 three in four part of furrow, then decreasing it till 0.22-0.27 l s -1, the irrigation rate decreased twice 0.12-0.15 l s -1 by reaching water the end of furrow which provided wetting the soil layer smoothly along the furrow length. It was observed intensive growth, development and fruiting of upland variety Bukhara-102 (3.90 t ha -1) and fine stapled cotton variety Termez-49 (3.93 t ha -1). While growing cotton varieties Bukhara-6, Bukhara-8 in stubble the highest yield was obtained 2.91-3.07 t ha-1 on the 30-70 m length of furrow in Surkhan- Sherabad valley.

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