Irrigation and Melioration


The article highlights the methodological bases of regularities, algorithms and stages of database formation on the level of plots in the land cadastre. Studied regularities of formation of land as the primary unit of land-cadastre information system on the example of a research object. Defines the role of the land contour in the composition of the land as one of the main factors in the formation of land cadastre information.Studied the methodology of the principle hierarchy from private to General with the establishment of a land information base. Studies carried out on the example of deistvuyuschih subjects of land use Kibray fog. The scientific conclusions and recommendations formulated on the basis of the study at the district level.

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1.Бобожонов А.Р., Раҳмонов Қ.Р., Ғофиров А.Ж. Ер кадастри. Ўқув қўлланма.Т.:ТИМИ, 2008 й. -208 б. 2.“Ўзбекистон Республикаси ҳудудларини кадастр бўйича бўлиш ҳамда ер участкалари, бинолар ва иншоотларнинг кадастр рақамларини шакллантириш тартиби тўғрисида” Вазирлар Маҳкамасининг 2001 йил 31 декабрдаги 492-сон қарори.



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