Irrigation and Melioration


In this article the results of determination of physical-mechanical and technological properties of soil slopes under the winter of wheat were indicated. There were founded and analyzed that the traditional technology of the main processing of the soil moisture content, density, hardness and resistance to various strains of the soil plowing and subsurface layers of soil upper, middle and lower part of the slope in the spring and after harvest of grain differ greatly. For instance, in the spring period time the soil moisture layers of 0-10; 10-20; 30-40; 40-50 and 50-60 cm in the bottom of the slope more moisture these layers the upper part respectively 1.16; 1.24; 1.1; 1.4; 1.54 and 2.15 times. Approximately the pattern of soil moisture retained after the grain harvest. The nature of changes in the density and hardness of the soil is identical nature of changes in soil moisture. The density, hardness and soil resistance to various deformations in a layer of 0-50 cm of the slope over the entire length first increases and then decreases.

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