Journal of Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers


In this work, the problem of torsional vibrations of rotating working bodies in the form of shafts is studied in case of violation of the assumption of flat sections under torsional strains associated with the peculiarities of torsion deformation of relatively short bodies. During torsional deformation caused by torsional vibrations, the initially rectilinear generators of the cylindrical surfaces of the shaft turn into screw curves of equal length. This causes the longitudinal displacements of their points and, as a result, the appearance of two types of deplanation of its cross sections. The first type of deplanation is associated with the shape of the cross sections and is well understood. The second type of deplanation, first described by the author, is associated with the relative dimensions of the cross sections and the length of the shaft. A method is proposed for analytically taking into account the effect on the process of torsional oscillations of deplanation associated with the relative dimensions of the shaft.

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