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The article presents the results of experiments to assess the effect of slag filler and chemical additives on the physical properties of the modified gypsum composition. In particular, it was shown that the water demand of building gypsum increases with an increase in the content of metallurgical slag in the composition. With its constant amount, an increase in the proportion of GLENIUM 27S superplasticizer additive does not affect the normal density value of the gypsum dough. This suggests that the presence of a plasticizing effect from the introduction of superplasticizer GLENIUM 27S. In addition, filling gypsum with metallurgical slag with a chemical additive slows down the setting time of gypsum dough. The introduction of 15-25% of slag together with a 1.0% chemical additive can slow down the start of setting of the binder to 46-62 minutes. Changing the amount of slag at a constant content of a chemical additive does not lead to a significant slowdown in the setting time of the compositions. They are 18, 20 and 23 minutes, respectively.

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