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The article discusses the properties of cement stone with the use of complex chemical additives to improve the technology for the production of sleepers from prestressed concrete. With the use of superplasticizer, the volume of intergranular space and, consequently, capillary porosity, which is a determining factor for both strength and frost resistance and corrosion resistance of concrete, are significantly reduced. Also, during thermo-wet processing, at a temperature of 40 ° C, there was no decrease in the strength of cement stone and sufficient strength at the initial stage of the curing period, 36 MPa with the addition of Glenium 27 S - 1.0% and the hardening accelerator Master X-Seed 100 - 1, 2% stability has been found. Thus, the use of complex chemical additives allows us to solve the problem of achieving the necessary high early concrete strength for the introduction of low-temperature technology in the production of reinforced concrete sleepers.

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