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Today, more than 3,000 skyscrapers have been built in the world, a third of which were built in China (including Hong Kong and Macao). The rest are located in the United States, Japan, the UAE and other countries, and every year more and more countries join the “sky club”. Uzbekistan also seeks to join this club and construction of the first NEST ONE skyscraper in Tashkent has begun. High-grade steel, concrete and a safe elevator are the true creators of the high-rise boom. In particular, reinforced concrete and the development of technologies for working with it contributed to the increase in the number of storeys. A breakthrough was the invention of a reinforced concrete frame - it allowed to receive structures of almost any height. The use of coupling couplings is, today, a fast-growing and competitive industry in the field of fastening and mounting butt-to-butt reinforcement frames. As a result of the research, the following conclusion can be drawn: among the existing methods of joining reinforcement, butt-to-butt joining using screw couplings has the best indicators of saving labor, time, and material costs.

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