Journal of Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers


This article provides a predictive economic assessment of the introduction of electronic document management technology based on an electronic digital signature on the processes of freight and commercial work in rail transport. To determine the economic efficiency of the proposed technology, a technique was used that includes countable and uncountable effects. The constituent elements, the main economic indicators of the implementation of the automated system are detailed. Savings of money and time of railway transport and users of freight transportation services are determined.

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1. Elovoy I.A. Organization of freight transportation using electronic documents: Monograph / Elova I.A., Kotova Zh. I., Kolos M.M., Gonchar M.A. / Belarusian State University of Transport, 2017. - 170 p.

2. Kamaletdinov Sh. Sh. Perfection of technology of processes of interaction of railway transport and users of freight transportation services: Dissertation / Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers, 2019. - 200 p.



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