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This article is devoted to an automatic locomotive signaling device associated with railway automation and telemechanics systems, ensuring the safety of train traffic. Wearable devices designed to test locomotive alarms are presented. Methods of measuring the magnetic field of the rails are described. A microprocessor-based digital decoder was developed for the special communication laboratory carriage. To improve the accuracy of the device, software and a wireless module were developed for storing the obtained measurement results and sending data online to the station's electromechanics. In the process, the following parameters are comprehensively determined: differential EMF, active resistance, quality factor and insulation resistance. A block diagram of a wireless microprocessor decoder was developed. This device has been tested at a special laboratory bench for resistance to various interference of the electromagnetic field of low and high frequencies, at temperatures from -40 to +70 degrees and vibration up to 10 points. The developed special software is new, convenient and important for railway transport.

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