Journal of Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers


Results over of complex researches of organization of speed and high-speed motion of passenger-trains are brought on existent single-gauge railways, choice and ground of complex of measures on the increase (to maintenance) of freight and throughput capacity, and ensure continuous operation of the infrastructure of operated railways are presented.

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1. Jabbarov S.T. Methodology of organization of high-speed movement of passenger trains on existing Railways of the Republic of Uzbekistan: abstract of the dissertation for the degree of doctor of technical Sciences (DSc) / Tashkent: CHIPSEAL, 2019. – 62 p.

2. Instructions for calculating cash throughput. – Moscow: JSC "Russian Railways", 2011. – 290 р.

3. Jabbarov S.T. On the issue of studying the capacity of single-track high-speed Railways // Bulletin Of The Tashkent Railway Transport Engineering Institute, 2017. – Vol. 2-3. – P. 28-31.



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