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This paper presents the results of experiments to analyze the efficiency of the photocell of selective radiation of a photothermogen generator at various densities. It was found that in a relatively hot climate (Uzbekistan, Ferghana), the performance of the solar cell is stable at temperatures from +25 to +35. It was found that the lowest solar cell performance (from single-crystal silicon) was about 6% and 13%, and the highest - about 15% and 16% for typical and selective lighting with triple density in a certain period of time (up to 3 and 15 minutes), respectively. The lux-ampere characteristic is given; graphs of the dependence of productivity on time and temperature are obtained. A new scheme of a selective radiation photothermogenerator with a concentrator, a protective block with a movable slot and photothermal elements is presented. The tasks and algorithmic solutions for automating the search for the optimal coordinates of the photocell inside the protective block with a movable slot are defined

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