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The implementation of the established norms of the time spent by cars at the sorting station is investigated. The methods of statistical data processing and comparison of the time spent at the station with the established scheduled tasks were used. The structure of the time spent by transit cars with processing at the sorting station is analyzed. An element-by-element analysis of the time of transit cars with processing is carried out. The average daily savings and unproductive loss of time on the elements are determined. The costs of processing cars at the station, falling on each element of the time spent on the cars, are calculated. Such a partial analysis the time spent by cars allows you to create statistical regularities of failure to meet standards of the time the cars at the station, to assess the status of implementation of individual elements and in a timely manner and to reasonably develop action plans for their reduction, and also gives the opportunity to carry out constant monitoring to perform a basic qualitative indicator of the work station

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