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Maintaining optimal water and oil temperatures for diesel systems of a diesel engine 2TE10M is carried out by a system of automatic temperature control. How efficiently this regulation system works will determine the quality of the diesel generator set. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the automatic temperature control system was carried out on the basis of the use of diesel power allocated to the cooling chamber fan drive. The fan drive of the refrigeration chamber of the 2TE10M diesel locomotive includes a hydromechanical gearbox with a fluid coupling of variable filling, for which development of a mathematical model, refinement of the energy balance equation of this mathematical model is presented. Efficiency assessment of the hydromechanical drive of the locomotive cooling chamber fan was carried out when the degree of filling of the hydraulic coupling circulation circle was changed based on the use of the power of the diesel generator set attributable to the cooling chamber fan drive. Based on this, it seems necessary to modernize the system for automatically controlling the temperature of water and diesel oil by reducing the range of regulation of the temperature of water and diesel oil. Based on the results of the work, recommendations are formulated to improve the system for automatically controlling the temperature of water and diesel oil, aimed at reducing the temperature control range

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