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One of the promising areas of agricultural waste use is its use as raw material for the pro-duction of efficient building materials for energy-saving technologies, which is especially im-portant for areas that have a waste of agriculture and are in short supply in easily accessible building materials. On the other hand, an important task of technical policy is now to increase the use of lightweight structures in order to reduce the mass of erected structures, reduce the cost of transport costs and the cost of installing structures. In this regard, the use of dry cotton stems (guzapai) in a specially processed form is an actual and promising direction of scientific research. The realization of this goal lies in the solution of three groups of particular problems: the development of a technology for the preparation of a fiber-based burn-out additive based on cot-ton stems, the analysis of properties and optimization of the processing of clay components, and the development of technological parameters and apparatus design of the manufacturing process.

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