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Application of low-grade loesslike loams (NLS) in the production of effective wall ceramics requires development of methods of increase of frost-resistance of ceramic porizovannoy matrix. It can be attained by adjusting of porosity of structure. In the Tashkent architectural-build institute possibility of making of an effective wall ceramic material is studied on the basis of NLS with the use of dobavki- ash-taking away of Angrenskoy TES and modified liquid glass as a modifier of porous structure. It is set that introduction of addition ash-taking away in an amount 25 % from mass of NLS and burning at the temperature of 750 oS allow to get material with the minimum opened and maximal uslovno-zamknutoy porosity. Researches of frost-resistance rotined that ceramic material on the basis of NLS maintained 100 cycles of the poperemennogo freezing and thawing at the maintainance of middle low-density of crock (1140 kg/m3).

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