The Scientific-Practice Journal of Architecture, Construction and Design

1. Scientific and practical journal “Architecture. Construction. Design ”publishes scientific and technical articles in sections:

• Architecture and urban planning. Design.

• Building materials and products.

• Building structures, buildings and structures.

•        Engineering Communication.

• Economics and construction management

2. Articles are published as they become available taking into account the requirements of paragraph 3.

3. The publication of articles in domestic and foreign journals precludes the publication of these articles in the journal “Architecture. Construction. Design". The decision to accept the article for publication or its rejection is made by the editorial board. The editorial board reserves the right not to publish articles due to the limited volume of the journal.

4. The editors, if necessary, may make editorial changes and reductions to the manuscripts of articles. The editors do not review or return the manuscript.

5. Articles that do not meet the requirements are returned to the authors for revision. The date of receipt of the article is the day the editorial office receives the final text, taking into account the reviewer’s review.

6. When reprinting materials reference to the journal is required.

7. Articles are accepted in Uzbek and Russian. Articles on relevant sections of the journal should include:

• universal decimal classifier (UDC) of literature, determined by catalogs in the technical information bureau or library;

• title of the article, initials and surnames of authors, academic degrees and titles, place of work, keywords and abstract (not more than 5-6 lines) in Uzbek, Russian and English;

• list of literature (if necessary) up to 5-7 titles, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of GOST;

• name of the organization, information about the authors, contact numbers and date of sending to the editor;

• Submitted articles must be carefully edited.

8. The article is submitted in 2 copies, as well as on a CD-R (CD-RW) with the name of the file). It is stated in a concise form, should reflect the statement of the problem, object, methods and results of research or development, conclusions. The volume should not exceed 5-6 pages of computer text (font-14, after 1.5 intervals), including 2-3 figures, tables and references. The 2nd copy of the article must be signed by all authors. An expert report, drawn up in accordance with Regulation-95, is attached to the article.

9. The text of the article should be typed in the format of a text editor Word for Windows.

10. Fields: upper, lower, left - 2.5 cm, right - 1.5 cm.

11. Each figure, table should have a title and end-to-end numbering. Drawings on a floppy disk are performed according to the type of the "Picture" file (* bmp. * .Jpg. * Tif). Tables are executed according to the "Table" menu.

12. Formulas are written on the red line in accordance with the "Formula Editor". Only those formulas referred to in the text are numbered.

13. Abbreviations are not allowed, except generally accepted.

14. Units of measurement must comply with the International SI system.

15. Throughout the article, the single principle of symbols with their initial explanation must be respected.

Responsibility for the accuracy of the facts presented in the published materials of the journal, as well as for the translation of the material presented, lies with their authors. Articles of an advertising nature are not accepted.