Euroasian Journal of Semiconductors Science and Engineering


Electrical and photoelectrical characteristics of the multi-barrier photodiode structures based on semi-insulating gallium arsenide are studied. The dependence of the dark current on the voltage is linear up to 70 V when p-n-junction is reverse biased, and is linear up to 300 V when one is forward biased. In these linear regions, the dependence of the current on the reciprocal temperature is exponential with an activation energy of 0,62 eV. The investigated photodiode, regardless of the illuminated surface and the bias polarity, has a high sensitivity in the region of wavelengths greater than the red border defined by the band gap energy of the gallium arsenide. The photosensitivity mechanism of the structure defined by the photoemission of non-equilibrium charge carriers at the metal-semiconductor junction, which is confirmed by the validity of the I1/2 ~ hv dependence in the long-wavelength sensitivity region. The barrier height of the metal-semiconductor junction determined from this dependence is 0,67 eV



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