Euroasian Journal of Semiconductors Science and Engineering


It was found that the substrates used have the perfect crystal lattice and their structural parameters correspond to the parameters of high-quality films (GaAs1-δBiδ)1-x-y(Ge2)x(ZnSe)y. It was determined that films (GaAs1-δBiδ)1-x-y(Ge2)x(ZnSe)y are single-crystal with the orientation (111) and the size of block is 620 Å and the film crystal lattice parameter is af = 5.656 Å. Preliminary electrophysical parameters were found at 300 K, which the conductivity is p-type, the concentration and mobility of the main charge carriers are 1,5 •1016 cm-3 and 435 сm2/V∙s.



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