Euroasian Journal of Semiconductors Science and Engineering

Ethic Policies

Journal Ethical Standards
The editor-in-chief, members of the editorial board, authors and reviewers must strictly follow ethical standards, the main of which are as follows:
1. The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board are required to:
- provide an unbiased and objective review of incoming articles, regardless of the place of work and residence of the authors, their religious, ethnic and political affiliations;:
- respect the scientific views of the authors, without disclosing information on the articles submitted to the Journal for consideration to anyone (with the exception of potential reviewers);:
-to select reviewers from among qualified specialists in the field of science and not to divulge the names of reviewers;:
- when choosing reviewers, avoid known or possible conflicts of interest that could lead to biased review of the article;:
- to prevent, in particular, manuscripts being reviewed by co-authors on recently published scientific papers, work colleagues, persons administratively subordinate to one of the co-authors, scientists who are or have recently been scientific supervisors of one of the co-authors;:
- not to use in their work the data, results or their interpretation contained in articles submitted for publication without the consent of the authors;:
- upon receipt of reasonable evidence of publication in the Journal of erroneous data, results or their interpretation, inform the readers of this, making appropriate corrections if possible.:
2. Reviewers, agreeing to review the article:
- commit themselves to consider it impartially and objectively, to give its assessment, taking into account the novelty and reliability of the presented data and results, as well as the relevance of the article to the contemporary world level and the subject of the Journal;
- must report on plagiarism detected, re-publication of the same materials science, check the availability of necessary references to previous works;
- must immediately refuse to review the work if there is a conflict of interest or if any are found in the review process;
- cannot use in their work data, results or their interpretation of the image of the peer-reviewed article, if the authors do not obtain the consent;
- must not disclose information on articles submitted to the Journal for consideration.
3. Authors must be guide by the following principles:
- bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the materials presented;
- prevent plagiarism, simultaneous submission or re-publication of the same materials;
- include in the article links to previous works, databases and other sources of information used, indicate sources of financial support for research;
- include in the list of authors all who have made a sufficient contribution to the publication of the study, and not include in the list of authors those who did not participate in the works submitted for publication;
- promptly, correctly and substantially respond to reviews of reviewers, comments and recommendations arising at the stage of editing text and preparing graphic materials;
- inform the editors of the Journal about the detection of errors in the submitted or published materials, if possible making adjustments to the work.