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In this work it is given studying of dynamics and types of physical processes with excited atoms and molecules in atomizer of "graphite furnace". Physical mechanism of increasing atomic-ionization signal for two stepwise excitation schemes was shown. It is shown that the maximum signal is observed for In atoms at the transition 5p 2 Р3/2→6s 2 S3/2→8p 2 P1/2 and for Li, Na, Ag, Au, Pt atoms at the transition (n)s→(m)p→(k)d respectively (where n, k, m and f principal quantum numbers of states). In the result in the experiment photoionization collisional ionization and mechanisms were developed. The results are show ed that the collisional ionization process is the dominant mechanism. For the first time new parameters of aerosols on physical and chemical properties of aerosol plumes from solid surfaces and aerosols of salt of metals and organic aerosols are revealed.

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