Review of law sciences


The article is devoted to one of the directions of development of international economic relations at the regional level - the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The process of the formation of the SCO is considered, the state, problems and perspectives of the external economic interaction of its member states are analyzed. An assessment of the conditions, characteristics and development possibilities of the SCO is given.


1. Charter of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization dated 07.06.2002. 2. The program of multilateral trade and economic cooperation for the period until 2020. 3. Declaration on the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on 06.15.2001. 4. http://www.infoshos.ru. 5. http: //www.sectsco.org.ru.2009.asp. 6. Buleshova N.Y. Problems of economic cooperation in the framework of the SCO // Collection of materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Problems of Economic and Financial Cooperation in the Framework of the SCO”.



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