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Improvement of international-legal cooperation of uzbekistan for development of tourism


The author analyzes role of international cooperation in sustainable development of tourism in Uzbekistan. In this article it is given legal assessment to the partnership of the UNWTO and European Union (EU) with the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of developing tourism. The bilateral legal norms between these subjects of international law contextually the important and last tendencies of touristic sphere are noted by the author. There are being developed conclusions and proposals on strengthening institutional collaboration of UNWTO and EU in the Republic of Uzbekistan.


1. The project of Presidential decree on measures of realization of the Conception of developing tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan for mid-range perspective, [statistical facts in the first and second paragraphs were taken from the same Conception] https://my.gov.uz/ru/getPublicService/332?item_id=1296&action=view (accessed 08 April 2017). 2. Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the World Tourism Organization concerning the Silk Road Office in Samarkand from 2004. [This agreement was taken and learned by the author from the Committee for tourism development during internship]. 3. CEU/52/3 Madrid, March 2011 UNWTO COMMISSION FOR EUROPE Fifty-second Meeting Katowice, Poland, 14 April 2011 Provisional agenda item 3 P.14. http://europe.unwto.org/sites/all/files/pdf/item_3_remarks_of_sg.pdf 4. Uzbekistan, UNWTO mull co-op prospects, viewed 28/09/2017, 5. Partnership and Cooperation Agreement initialled on 29 April 1996, viewed 06/04/2017, http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2004/july/tradoc_116743.pdf

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