Review of law sciences

Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Review of law sciences

This document provides details on typesetting and layout requirements pertaining to final manuscript submission to Review of law sciences.

Formatting Requirements

    Requirements for technical design of the article:

    Materials announced in “Review of law sciences”, an international electronic scientific journal of Tashkent State University of Law, reviewed in English are sent to the editorial board via tsulscience@tsul.uz or tsulscience@gmail.com.

    Articles will be accepted only in English.

    The length of article and materials should be 20000-25000 words besides the list of references and appendix.

    The text of the article and materials should be prepared in the text editor MS Word as A4, font family-Times New Roman, font size-14, line spacing-1,5 page top-2 cm, bottom margin-2 cm, left margin-3, right margin-1,5 cm.

    The full name and workplace of the author(s), their academic degree (without contractions), email and ORCHID number should be revealed in right margin. After data about author(s), the title of the article will be written in bold and capital letters. An annotation (brief summary) of the article is required to be 200-300 words and key words should be at least 10 words and in English as well.

    It is recommended to be introduction, the result and discussion of the article, conclusion in the article. The result and discussion of the article can be called differently and can include several parts.

    It is not required to give footnotes at the end of each page and it is written as [1], [1, 2, ...], [2, P.170], [3, P.132, 185, 193], [1, P.132; 3,P.185] or [1, P.578; 2, 3,] in the text. Moreover, all footnotes should be given at the last pages of the article with numerated way. Tables enumerated with Arabic numbers. The title and the number of the table will be written in right margin (without full stop), the name of the table will be written in bold in center. The scientific journal is available on the Crossref.org system in the United States, and each article is given a separate DOI number. Also, each of the scientific papers is registered directly to electronic databases of cyberleninka.ru and e-library.ru of the Russian Federation. The journal is also registered on a Digital Commons platform Uzbekistan Research Online (https://uzjournals.edu.uz/) platform. Published articles in English in the journal are equal to scientific articles published in foreign scientific publications (basis: Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Attestation Commission at Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 30, 2020). The journal is published once every three months, four issues a year.

    The requirements for the content of the article are as follows:

    By the decree of Supreme Attestation Commission at Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter - SAC), the scientific journal is included in the list of scientific publications recommended to the SAC for publication of the leading scientific results of doctoral dissertations in the following specialties:

    12.00.00 – LEGAL STUDIES

    12.00.01 – Theory and History of State and Law. History of Law Doctrines.

    12.00.02 – Constitutional law. Administrative law. Financial and Customs Law.

    12.00.03 – Civil Law. Business Law. Family Law. International Private Law.

    12.00.04 – Civil Procedure Law. Economic Procedure law. Arbitration Process and Mediation.

    12.00.05 – Labour Law. Law of Social Maintenance.

    12.00.06 – Natural Resources Law. Agrarian Law. Ecological Law.

    12.00.07 – Judiciary. Procurator control. Organization of law enforcement activity. Advocacy.

    12.00.08 – Criminal Law, Crime Prevention. Criminology. Criminal-Executive Law

    12.00.09 – Criminal Proceedings. Criminalistics, Operative-search Law, and Court Expertise.

    12.00.10 – International Law.

    12.00.11 – Parliamentary Law.

    12.00.12 – Problems of Corruption

    13.00.02 – Methodology and Theory of Education and Up-bringing (according to different spheres)

    The article should be scientifically proved and it should be submitted in e-version with a review of a person who has an academic degree or reviewed by someone whose academic degree is higher than the author’s. In order to analyse validity of the journal, every article will get peer review and then will be recommended for publication.

    The author is responsible for certainty, correctness and no plagiarism of data and proofs written in the article.

    In each Volume of journal, an author can publish only one article. Authors are recommended to use articles as reference published in previous volumes.

    Articles which are adequate for requirements and without positive feedback will not be published and the author of these articles will be informed about no publication. If some problems are analyzed in the article yet can be corrected, it will be sent to the author to work on and submit within 3 days.

    If plagiarism is analyzed in the article, any article from this author will not be accepted for a year.

    This is subject to generous personal-use exceptions and attribution and usage policies as described in the Journal policies.

    By clicking Accept you agree and consent to the Submission Agreement and the Journal policies.