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Introductory text for Review of law sciences.

Requirements to article published in the scientific-practical legal journal «Юридик фанлар ахборотномаси – Вестник юридических наук – Review of Law Sciences» Requirements to the content of the article:  the relevance and validity of the article;  correspondence of the article to the content of reforms being carried out;  presentation of theoretical and practical developments and ideas in the article;  enrichment of the article with statistical information and practical materials;  comparative analysis of national and foreign experience;  scientifical justification of conclusions and recommendations;  illumination of the topic or problem of the sphere and the solution to the problem;  the article must be related to the certain area of the legal field (including state law, civil law, criminal law, international law, business law);  interpretation of general education subjects in legal aspect;  the article should contain a review by a representative of the sphere concerned with the topic of the research (where the reviewer is a doctor, professor or member of the editorial board of the journal). Requirements for technical design of the article:  should represent full name of the author(s), academic degree, academic title, place of work or study, full official position;  the title and the content of the article should be clearly expressed and reflected;  the article should be submitted in the Uzbek, Russian and English languages in the paper and electronically with the indication of headings, abstracts and key words;  charts, tables, graphics, diagrams and different illustrations could be used in the text of the article;  stability of the materials theoretically-methodologically and methodically in the article, reliability of sources;  the terms in the article should be paid attention which are properly written, and the entire article should be free of grammar and spelling errors;  the references in the article should be as following: example: [page 1, page 138], (this type of referencing denotes that the text or related information that preceded this sign earlier in the current paragraph, is contained on page 138 of the first source in the list of references);  the list of literature used in the article should be given in accordance with the bibliographic list of scientific and educational literature;  the size of the article should have from 5 to 8 pages;  the plagiarism in the article should not be allowed;  the manuscript of the article must be written on 14 AH format paper on the computer, Times New Roman, 1.5 interval and the pages should be written properly in width. The author (s) are personally responsible for the accuracy of the evidence and information contained in their article.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

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