Article consists of two parts: first, expression of different concepts of prosecutor’ s supervision with analysis, and functioning of prosecution office in Uzbekistan implementing supervision over execution of laws in the territory of the State as one of the main directions of the prosecution office; second, participation in court proceedings.

In the first part conceptual provisions given by legal scholars and the role of prosecutor’ s supervision, as well as legal features of this function carried out by Prosecution Office of Uzbekistan are considered.

It is known that prosecutor is an official who occupies an important and specific place in the mechanism of state administration, responsible for the implementation of the goals and objectives provided by law. In Uzbekistan Prosecution Office is entitled with several objectives, functions, as well as rights and powers in order to perform these functions. According to local legislation directions of the Prosecution Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan are mainly based on it’ s main function: perform supervision over the exact and uniform execution of laws on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Article examines issues of ensuring prosecutor’ s supervision, his participation in criminal, civil, administrative and economic court hearings in the order stated by legislation.

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