The article considers the prosecutor's supervision over the investigation of crimes in the field of information technology. In addition, it was concluded that the participation of the prosecutor in the civil process is effective, but not fully. It is necessary to expand the powers of the prosecutor to apply to the courts and intervene in the process to give an opinion, the legal grounds for the participation of the prosecutor in the consideration and resolution of civil cases on the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of minors, and also to provide the prosecutor with the right to participate in enforcement proceedings in such cases, which in its turn will contribute to the timely, restoration of the rights of minors in full. Some provisions of normative legal acts establish unreasonably wide margins of discretion for the law enforcer or the possibility of unreasonable application of exceptions to the general rules, as well as provisions containing vague, difficult to implement and (or) onerous requirements and thereby creating conditions for violation of the rights of minors. In our opinion, the prosecution authorities should take an active part in eliminating the following reasons for the violation of the rights of minors by state authorities, local self-government and their officials.

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