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The use of information technology in the activities of law enforcement agencies: a comparative legal analysis


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The article considers the use of information technologies in the activities of law enforcement agencies: a comparative legal analysis with such countries as Germany, the USA, Korea, the Russian Federation. The global development of world civilization at the present stage of development of all areas and directions of human activity is determined, first of all, by the effectiveness of its information support. The economic, financial and political life of states, their prosperity and security largely depend on this. The activities of law enforcement agencies are associated with the processing of large volumes of various information, which, in modern conditions, requires the use of information technology. To date, a large number of various information systems have already been developed and implemented. Information systems are actively used to collect and process registration and statistical information, organize operational and investigative activities, conduct forensic research, and manage the activities of law enforcement agencies. The main political and economic aspect of the formation of a single information space in the Republic of Uzbekistan is to overcome the information monopoly of managerial and commercial structures on open information resources and the information technologies that provide them. Their legal support is a necessary prerequisite for ensuring the integration of the single information space of Uzbekistan with the world information space.