The article examines in detail an international treaty as a basis for the recognition and enforcement of foreign interim measures, in addition, the author came to the conclusion that the Economic Procedural Legislation of Uzbekistan in chapter 33 of the EPC RU regulates proceedings in cases of recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and arbitrations, however, such foreign judicial acts as interim measures in any form are not regulated. In addition, the recently adopted legislation on international commercial arbitration - LRU 674 of February 16, 2021, despite the fact that its norms contain the regulation of interim measures in terms of prescribing interim measures and contains a reference to the execution of interim measures adopted by arbitration by state courts, does not provide for enforcement. This lies in the fact that, as mentioned earlier, the procedural legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan does not contain norms regulating the mechanism for the execution of foreign interim measures. Thus, it is necessary to provide for changes in the procedural legislation, since the new law provided for the relevance of the recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial acts, however, the current procedural legislation has not yet been brought into line.

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