The article highlights the main points of changes in the operational-search legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and gives recommendations for the further development of legislation. The article highlights proposals for the further improvement of the legal base of operational-search activity. Information and technical support plays an important role in improving the efficiency of operational investigations. In this regard, operatives of the operational unit use video, audio, film and photographic means, as well as property of legal entities and individuals, other environmentally friendly technical means in accordance with Article 12 of this Law. At the same time, operatives have the right to create and use information systems designed for quick tracing. Information obtained as a result of operational-search measures must be recorded in the relevant documents in order to collect, systematize, check, evaluate and make appropriate decisions on their basis, as well as to control the legality of their implementation. In the fight against crime with the help of operational investigations, specific tactical tasks are performed that allow solving the assigned tasks. For example, in order to perform tasks related to solving crimes, it will be necessary to solve a number of intermediate tactical issues, such as identifying suspects, studying their lifestyle, and finding a place where stolen property is stored. The tactical tasks arising in the process of implementation can be different, since they, in turn, depend on the emerging situation and the available initial information.

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