The rapid growth of information technologies naturally determines the interest of researchers in them from various fields of science. Law, including criminal law, is no exception. Currently: a separate branch of law is being formed - information law. Despite this, until now in science unified approaches to the analysis of information and legal phenomena have not been developed. The article analyzes the formation and development of prosecutorial supervision over the execution of laws in the investigation of crimes in the field of information technology, and also studied the process of the emergence of information technology as a type of crime abroad. In addition, the article is devoted to the analysis of laws adopted on the activities of prosecutors since the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The article indicates that, initially, faced with computer crime, law enforcement agencies began to fight it with the help of traditional legal norms on theft, misappropriation, fraud, and abuse of trust. However, this approach was not entirely successful, since many computer crimes are not covered by traditional crimes.

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