In contemporary conflict ridden world the struggle against extremism within youth environment has become increasingly more multifaceted, preventive and unconditionally obligatory in the context of state youth policy implementation. The task of early prevention of the likelihood of adolescents and young people of Uzbekistan falling under the Influence of violent ideology !s carried out by Joint efforts of state and public organizations with the active involvement of the general public and, especially, its most active layer — the youth themselves. Such a comprehensive and integrated policy, which has its own internal and international aspects, represents a unique experience that has become bulwark against the threats emanating from extremism.

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1. Vistuplenie SH.M.Mirziyoeva na 72-y sessii General'noy Assamblei OON. 19 sentyabrya 2017 goda. N'yu-York. 2. Raskayavshiesya uchastniki zapreshennix organizatsiy poluchili shans vernut'sya. Internet-izdanie “Gazeta.ig”. 16.09.2017 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: '1 1r5://uuuuuu.da2e1’a.112/g11/2018/09/19/geGigp/ 3. Zavtrashniy den' zavisit ot proyavleniya zaboti о molodeji segodnya. Natsional'noe informatsionnoe agentstvo O’zbekistana. 04.07.2018 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: Tr://i2a.i2/gi/ro1 ls5/2au1tazG|p1u-s1ep-2au1511’-o1 ’-rgouau1etua-2a'o1 ’u-o-to1os1e2l-$ 4. B.Melikulova. Soyuz molodeji otchitalsya о svoey deyatel'nosti. Natsional'noe informatsionnoe agentstvo O’zbekistana. 26.12.2017 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: '1 ’1 r://i2a.112/gi/50s1e1 ’u/5oui2-to1os1e2l-o1 ’sl1 ’a15ua-o-zuoeu-s1eua1 ’e1 poz1’k26-12-201 5. U.Shonazarov. Molodej' - lidiruyushaya sila v bor'be s terrorizmom i ekstremizmom. 6. Natsional'noe informatsionnoe agentstvo O’zbekistana. 11.06.2018 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: '11 r://i2a.i2/g'|/50s1e1 ’u/to1os1e2'-||s11 G11 u11 $'s'aua-$| 1 a-u-'og'e-5-1 ’eggogT2tot-1 - yekzl ge-1 1 -06-2018 7. Religiya Islama slujit miru I dobru. Natsional'noe informatsionnoe agentstvo O’zbekistana. 04.10.2017 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: IFr://\m\mA. 112a.112/g1 |/5os1e1 u/ge1 |d1 ua-1$1ata-5|112'T1’-t1g11-1 -slo 'g l 1-04-10-2017 8. Pervie 50 studentov prinyati v medrese so statusom vuza v O’zbekistane. Setevoe izdanie RIA 9. Novosti. 1 1.09.2017 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: l’1 rz://pa.g1 |/ge11 dyup/2017091 1 /1502233347.'1t1 10.Sozdana Mejdunarodnaya islamskaya akademiya O’zbekistana. Informatsionno-pravovoy portal 11.logta.ig. 17.04.2018 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: l’1’r5://ulm\llpogta.112/pouoe_u_2akopos1a1 ’e151’ue/502s1apa_te|sypagos1 paua _1z1atzkaua_akas1et1ua_i2'ek151’apa Pervie 1 10 afganistantsev stali studentami obrazovatel'nogo sentra v O’zbekistane. Internet-izdanie “Gazeta.ig”. 23.01.2018 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: '4rz://\llllllda2e1’a.i2/gi/201 8/01 /23/sepGge/ 12. V O’zbekistan pribili na uchebu 100 afganskix studentov. Forum korrespondentov iz Irana, stran SA i Rossii. 23.01.2018 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: 'Nr://\llllu.sa-1gpe\M5.sot/gi/'geak1 pd-pe\mz/32964 13. Prezident O’zbekistana Shavkat Mirziyoev vistupil na 72-y sessii General'noy Assamblei OON. Natsional'noe informatsionnoe agentstvo O’zbekistana. 20.09.2017 g. Dostupno v seti Internet: Nr:/D|2a.i2/gi/ro11’1sz/rge21s1ep1’- i2'ek151 ’apa-5G|auka1 ’-t1 g21 ueeu-uu5-1 _ir11 -pa-72-u-5e5-20-09-2017

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