This a rticle discusses the im po rta n ce in te rn a tio n a l norm s on defense o f S rights in the legislation o f the Republio o f Uzbekistan a n d certain peculiarities o f execution o f c o u rt decisions in term s o f m aterialistic p rovision o f the juveniles in the country. R ecom m endations o n the im provem ents o f the legislation in the sphere a re p rovid e d.

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1 Inson huquqlari umumjaxhon deklaratsiyasi. 1948 y. 25-modda 2-qismi. 2O'zbekistan Respublikasining Konstitutsiyasi. 1992 y. 64-modda. 3O'zbekistonRespublikasining Konstitutsiyasi. 1992 y. 65-modda. 4Karimov I.A. Ozod va obod Vatan erkin va farovon hayot - pirovard maqsadimiz. T.8. - T.: O'zbekiston, 2000, -B.28



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