In a rticle the le g a l status o f the victim in c rim in a l trial, the analysis o f p ra c tic e o f p ro te c tio n o f the rights o f the victim in m anu facture is analyzed. O n c rim in a l cases, p re -ju d ic ia l m anufacture, o pin ion s conce rn ing resolution o f p ro b le m s on effective p ro te ctio n o f the rights o f victims a n d p erfe ction o f the m echanism o f p ro te ctio n o f the rights a n d interests o f the victim in crim in a l tria l a re o ffe re d .

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1. Klenova T.V. Ugolovno-provovie garantii prav poterpevshego // PC, 2001. №2. S. 15-17. 2. O’zbekiston Respublikasining Jinoyat-protsessual kodeksi. Toshkent: Adolat, 2017. 736-746.

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