The a rticle explains the responsibility o f the m em bers o f the supervisory b o d y o f joint-stock com panies. The im plem entation o f business through la rg e com panies to d a y requires a delin ea tio n o f the responsibilities o f m em bers o f the m a na g e m en t b o d y a n d the d eve lo pm e n t o f a m echanism to h o ld them a ccountable. In this re g a rd , the a rticle exam ines the o pin ion s o f the a u th o rs o f law yers o n the responsibility o f the m em bers o f the supervisory b o a rd a n d analyzes n a tio n a l legislation a n d legislation o f fo re ig n countries.

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I.O’zbekiston Respublikasi qonun hujjatlari to’plami, 2014 yil, 19-son, 210-modda. 2. Ushbu qonunda halollik kategoriyasi umuman qo’llanilmagan, oqilonalik esa faqat ikkita holatda (24, 83-moddalar) ishlatilgan, xolos.

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