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Socio-political discourse is a text that describes socio-political events and includes extralinguistic, pragmatic, socio-cultural and other factors. The informative, influencing and manipulative functions of this discourse are implemented through variety of language tools that are fixed in the language and that are created by subjects to describe each specific situation.
Several problems, such as linguistic, textual, extralinguistic issues, problems related to the ethical, political and cultural components of the original text and translation, the expression of the author's intention, and many other problems may arise in the process of socio-political translation . Some of them can appear because of underestimating both the lexical and cultural differences between the source language and the translated one by a translator/interpreter.
The translator of a socio-political text must have language skills, subject knowledge, research skills, critical thinking, know the political situation in both the source and target languages, perform a communicative and ideological function in sociopolitical translation, have document competence, competencies related to the development of translation strategies, and digital literacy.
The current article presents an analysis of lexical units that reflect the linguistic and cultural characteristics in the source language and present the greatest difficulty in translation. Linguistic and cultural problems of translation are associated with culturally specific features that exist in the source language. The solution of translation problems of a linguocultural nature is provided by correct perception of the received information, identification of linguoculturals in the original text and subsequent presentation of the main content without significant loss of information, or with a slight expansion of the translation text.

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