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This article focuses on the linguistic features of media text. The transformation of the media space, which is currently taking place as a result of the rapid development of communication technologies, promotes the appeal of scientists and researchers to study the media and mass communications, the information space in the context of modern culture. New approaches to the language of the media are not only related to the general tendencies in the development of world linguistics. The changing tasks of the media, the processes of transition taking place in society also have a direct impact on this. This makes it necessary to understand the language of the media, taking into account the processes taking place in society in terms of culture, politics and ideology. Among them, the emergence of speech linguistics, which studies languages as a speech, that is, a dynamic phenomenon, has also led to radical changes in world linguistics. All language tools in the newspaper serve the purpose of persuasion and propaganda. The use of a particular linguistic tool is determined by the characteristics of their social assessment. Because every word, phrase, addition, sentence, paragraph in the text must have an impact on the audience. It is this feature in linguistic media that is the most important and fundamental to them, and distinguishes press texts from other types of style.

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