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Тhe article discusses the problem of a stylistic device, its innate features and the literary, aesthetic, imagery functions, the example to stylistic convergence is also given. Moreover the classifications of stylistic devices are also investigated. The theories of ancient scholars as well as modern researchers are analyzed and predominant features of the criteria for classification are generalized. The article discusses such antique theories as Aristotle’s initial views on Stylistics, observations of the Hellenistic Roman rhetoric system, researches of Dionysius of Halicarnassus and the conclusions concerning the topic are also given. The article also deals with the review of the fundamental theories of modern researchers. I.R.Galperin’s, Yu.M. Skrebnyov’s, V.A.Kukharenko’s, Jochen Lüders’ classifications are investigated and the relevant conclusions are given. The research advances the idea of classifying the stylistic devices in the circle of language layers. The phenomenon of creation of the blended group of stylistic devices due to the mixture of the language layers in the process of creating a stylistic device is also observed in the article.

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10. 36078/987654447


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