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This article analyzes that the media image is an important tool for shaping the image of the country and the theoretical and cognitive aspects of the image.
We perceive an object or event through our senses, see and hear them. We understand and comprehend the new information received. They are then placed in our memory as a definite quality mark, image, or ‘piece of symbol’. Therefore, in the modern media space, it is important to understand the content of information about a country, positive or negative information about the image of the region, to understand the realities of what is happening in the region. In the same process, the person who reads the news is the executor of the cognitive activity.
There is a "subject-object relationship" between the subject, that is, the person and the area that is the object of cognitive activity. The main issue is the perception of the person receiving the information in relation to that country. How the country is perceived by the recipient of the information is always important.
The nature of any image is closely related to the information stored in the subconscious. For this reason, the study of image in a cognitive context is required.
The problem of formation and development of the regional image is one of the interdisciplinary studies from the theoretical and methodological point of view. That is, it is not just a problem facing the science of journalism or mass communications. The issue is multidisciplinary, including sociology, imageology, economics, political science, philosophy, linguistics, especially cognitive linguistics, and can be studied in various aspects.
Cognitiveness is a scientific phenomenon that connects language with thinking, that is, consciousness, and explores in deep theoretical aspects the integral connection of psychological, biological, and neurophysiological aspects with social, cultural, and linguistic phenomena in the formation of a particular imagination. According to scholars, cognitive linguistics in this respect is divided into various sub-branches such as psycholinguistics, anthropolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, sociolinguistics.
In this research, we tried to study the role of journalism in the formation and development of the country's image, the cognitive impact of the language of the media on the consciousness of the public (audience).

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