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The scientific concept of the article is that the national literary-aesthetic thinking is of primary criterion in evaluating a writer’s work and the essence of literature is determined by the artistic interpretation of the national spirit. The best examples of folk literature in the world, regardless of the language in which it is written, is on the agenda as a question number one to be analyzed scientifically in terms of the expression of the national spirit. Abdulla Kadiri’s novel “Days Gone By” has been analyzed in twentieth century Uzbek literature as a work that can meet this criterion.
According to the author, the national spirit is reflected in the novel “Days Gone By” on the basis of the following three principles: 1) the interpretation of specific customs, traditions, values, dreams and aspirations of the nation, embodying the spirit of the nation; 2) an expression of the nation’s potential to look at itself in a critical spirit; 3) poetic depiction of fixed beliefs inherent in national personalities in the play. In turn, the first of these principles embodies the morals of the nation, the second - the will, and the third - the beliefs, and this trinity forms the national spirit as a whole.
At the end of the article, the research results are theoretically summarized.

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