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The article deals with the analysis of English poet Byron and Uzbek author Chulpon’s works and the theme of freedom described in them. The terms “freedom of individuality and “country’s independence” have been analyzed in both poets' works thoroughly. Romanticism is associated with the prominent figure of English literature – George Gordon Noel Lord Byron. Byron’s early political activities were more the result of propinquity and propriety than of any deep-felt enthusiasms. As Byron’s interest in political liberty refers both to personal and in abstract aspects, so his interest in social liberty concerns both individual and general relationships. So the works as “Song for the Luddites”, “Thou art not false, but thou art fickle” and some Cantoe’s of the poem “Childe Harold's Pilgrimage” have been analyzed in the article showing the individual freedom and country’s independence in them.

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10. 36078/987654414


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