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The movement of jadidism and approach to the literature of jadids held a definite period in the last quarter of the 20th century. First, simple articles were published in newspapers and journals as works of the literature of jadids. This period was so important as a new part of studying Kodiriy, Fitrat and Chulpon’s creative works and it was like a pioneer step. Scholars of literature critical studies began approaching this trend not simply from the point of view of literary-aesthetics. They considered it to be a base to describe a national renaissance period of our literature. The article covers information about 16 great representatives of jadids movement and literature – Ismoilbek Gasprinskiy, Makhmudkhoja Bekhbudiy, Munavvar Kori Abdurashidkhon ugli, Abdurauf Fitrat and so on. The information is important since it is based on concrete opinions and researches of facts and sources of the authors. Jadidism and jadids literature and Chulpon’s role are given in articles, mass pamphlets, fundamental researches enable us to understand the role of this literature and its writers, their sociopolitical views, works and lives, which will be carried to readers. The most precious side of the works is that we are realizing ourselves, deep information about the faithful children of the nation. The article gives information about independence of our motherland, what kind of their literature influence on our hearts and how it is absorbed by our culture. Initially, jadids’ works were seldom published but beginning with 2000 their works became very popular; scholars began their researches about them. This period of time has been called the “literature of jadids”, the “national renaissance of Uzbek literature”.

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